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Al Gore Supports 100% Equal Rights for Gays (Gay Marriage included)

Tell me, why isn't Al Gore running for President?

Surely he would win almost EVERYONE's vote?

Corey Worthington Delaney's 15-minutes-of-fame

Corey Worthington Delaney, famous for what reason?

Short of Corey; changing his name to Corey Hilton, dating Paris Hilton, or getting emancipated from his parents so he never has to face them for his actions in the next 48hrs, surely all this hype and incredible public interest in Corey will subside?

Earlier today during an interview on live radio, for which the station paid the teenager $750, party boy Corey fled the studios of Fox FM radio station.

He bolted out of the studio and fled fashionably down a fire escape after radio host Matt Tilley tried to remove his now ill-famed plastic yellow sunglasses, which he had kept on throughout the interview.

He was apparently chased by several news camera operators and an anxious radio producer but disappeared.

Corey later returned to the studio and completed the on-air interview.

Before making his escape, Corey was asked if he had anything to say to his parents who might be listening.

"Sorry," he said.

Asked if he was planning to return to home, he said: "To get my clothes and stuff".

Asked if he ever wanted to go home again, he said: "I do sort of, but don't know right now".

It's been interesting watching the media trying to get in on this story, the Nine Network's "A Current Affair" sumertime host Leila McKinnon, expecting apologies in addition to asking him to take off his glasses, as if she were his parent.. and today, Fox FM's Matt Tilley attempting to phiscally remove the now ill-famed plastic yellow sunglasses?

Corey also said today that he had been approached by DJ Lako to run an underage club in Melbourne. Matt Tilley made an interesting point in reply, saying, along the lines of it sounding a lot like something an evicted Big Brother housemate would say shortly before they had to return to work in a supermarket.

Listeners who called the studio to speak with Corey were overwhelmingly hostile, with one woman telling him he had no respect for anyone else and a man calling him a "knob" and warning him to "watch out". Perhaps some of the people who left comments on my earlier posts on Corey?

Police have taken Melbourne's party boy and global media star Corey Worthington into custody.

A reporter was told by a police spokeswoman that the 16-year-old had been taken to the Narre Warren police station in relation to the wild party at his parents house on Saturday night.

PQ: 16-year-old Corey Delaney's 500 strong MySpace guestlist could cost his parents $20k (14/15 January 2008)
PQ: Party boy Corey Delaney missing, after achieving global notoriety? (15 January 2008)
Party boy Corey flees radio interview - The Age (16 January 2008)
Fun stops as cops arrest party boy - The Age (16 January 2008)

Party boy Corey Delaney missing, after achieving global notoriety?

The 16-year-old's parents have arrived home — but there is apparently no sign of their son at their Narre Warren property.

Corey Delaney, the unconcerned teenager who threw an out-of-control party at the weekend is already working on his next one, and could even be paid for it. The party boy, has been offered the chance of making up to $20,000 as a promoter after his wild and boozy party grabbed the attention of global media.

Party promoter Tim Sabre, of Raw Entertainment, wanted in on the attention, and has supposedly offered 16-year-old Corey a job with his events company as a party promoter.

So far, Corey has refused to return home to face the music, and the wrath of his parents, which I can't even fathom what level of anger they must be feeling towards their son at this point in time.

Mr Delaney, Corey's "Horrified" stepfather, told reporters that his son pulled out of the family trip at the last minute, saying he had to work.

Ms Delaney said: "I can't believe that Corey would do this to us to start with. Honestly, he must have planned the party."

The teenager said yesterday in an interview with Channel 9's "A Current Affair" program, that he had ignored his parents' phone calls and would not be at home when they returned.

Corey, is believed to be already planning another big party to be held somewhere in Narre Warren in two weeks' time. I imagine, along with reporters, the police will be on stand-by, but to be honest, I'd not be surprised if they maybe issued a warrant for his arrest, so his parents can bring him back to earth from the massive adrenaline rush this 16-year-old teenager must be Cruising on at the moment.

Reports say, two uniform police arrived at the family's Narre Warren home earlier today at 2.15pm and making no comment as they left about 30 minutes later.

A TV crew, thought to be from Channel Seven, were allowed into the the house earlier this afternoon. Which likely means Channel 7's "Today Tonight" is trying to copy Channel 9's "A Current Affair" lead, as they both tend to do.

Update: Today Tonight website features the video?

Talking on "Today Tonight" the teenagers stepfather says all the typical paid interview lines, such as feeling like his house had been "violated", and "You can't chain them down, can you!?".

Meanwhile, The party and it's aftermath — has been the subject of reports by media outlets around the world, including the BBC, The Guardian, and CNN.

A Wikipedia entry has already been created, and considered for deletion.

Fans have set up Facebook groups praising his actions, with hundreds of hero worshippers joining to congratulate the teen.

Media appearances by the teen can be found on YouTube, and music and youth forum sites are apparently buzzing with the news.

Parents' anger at Corey over $20,000 house party bill - Herald Sun (13 January 2008)
MySpace party boy Corey offered $20,000 promotions gig
- Herald Sun (13 January 2008)
Party boy achieves global notoriety - The Age (13 January 2008)

16-year-old Corey Delaney's 500 strong MySpace guestlist could cost his parents $20k

Corey Delaney, is a kid who has been all over the news here for having a party that spiralled out of control while his parents were away holidaying, he says he was expecting around 200 people to attend his party, however Police estimated the crowd at 500, when they had to retreat until back-up arrived, including the air wing and the dog squad and more than 30 officers were needed to control the unruly crowd.

In a dramatic development yesterday, Victorian police chief Christine Nixon ordered a report on the cost to police, which she believed was up to $20,000. Ms Nixon furious and disgusted by the incident may bill the youths parents for damages done to Police cars while they were dealing with the rampaging youths and wild party goers who pelted police with bottles, trampled gardens and terrorised neighbours..

I'd agree that this kid has been a bit of a fool, but he is just a kid, and while I wouldn't condone his actions;

I'd hazard a guess he's among thousands of kids worldwide who have a) held a party while their parents were away. and b) announced his party to all his friends on social networking sites such as MySpace without contemplating that he maybe doesn't know all those "friends".

Regardless of the story; I feel the Nine Network's "A Current Affair" program should never have been able to interview this kid on national television when his parents aren't even around!? He is after all, only 16-years-old, I wonder if they had appropriate consent to interview this minor!!?

I also think it's absolutely ridiculous for "A Current Affair" to be acting as the voice of reason and maturity, after all their own shenanigans throughout the years.. Demanding apologies in addition to asking him to take off his glasses, as if they are his parents.. What a joke!

aca (A Current Affair) is simply a POP show, it's about what's popular, what stirs up reactions.. There is no journalistic value or merits in most of their content.

On a personal note; I once liked news presenter Leila McKinnon, but after I discovered her husband is David Gyngell, the (recently returned) CEO of the Nine Network, I started disliking her. And after seeing her pathetic hosting of the above interview on YouTube, I'm not a fan at all.

It is my opinion that anyone who sits in the hosting chair of either the Nine Network's "A Current Affair" or channel 7's "Today Tonight", so called "current affairs" programs, loses all respect, as they are signing away their integrity as serious journalists.

Teen-party parents may face $20,000 bill after 500 rampage - Herald Sun (14 January 2008)

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